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A-List+ helps you Manage What Matters with an easy-to-use "dashboard" displaying the date and current weather, along with upcoming events and tasks that are scheduled or due today and tomorrow. Easily navigate to other feature areas with the icons along the bottom. Access a powerful app-wide search engine and add new data to the A-List+ by tapping the magnifying glass or + sign in the upper right corner.


A-List+ lets you interact with and manage your Contacts like never before. View, search and sort by Name, Business Name or Category. Assign Contacts to Events, Tasks, Notes, Projects and more. Full synchronization with your iOS Contacts means you can leverage your existing Contacts and never have to enter something twice. Quick, easy and powerful – you're going to love it!


With A-List+, you can import and synch your iOS calendar and finally get control of your busy schedule. Manage Personal, Work and Family calendars in one streamlined view and assign Contacts, Tasks and Notes to any Event. View your schedule by Day, Week or Month, including a handy landscape Week view.


Dominate your To Do list with A-List+. Quickly add a Task from anywhere in the app, assign a due date, one or more sub-tasks and easily associate Contacts, Events, Notes or images. See Tasks due today or tomorrow on the Dashboard, view overdue and completed Tasks and feel the power of accomplishment as you efficiently check them off your list.


You want more? A-List+ gives you more, like the tools you need to manage all of the critical areas of your busy life. How many user names and passwords do you need to remember? Delete that out-of-date Word document and securely store all of your user names & passwords in A-List+. You can also create Notes, Projects and get a location-based 4 day weather forecast. Stay tuned, there are more time-saving features on the way!


We want to sincerely thank you for downloading A-List+. If there is anything you need, or if you have any questions, issues or ideas, we definitely want to hear from you!

A-List+ lets you to Manage What Matters in a whole new way!

Easily consolidate, prioritize and manage your Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Passwords, NotesProjects and More - All in one easy-to-use App!



Your Go-To, All-in-One, Life Management App!

Today, you probably use 5 or 6 separate apps to manage your life. That means you’ve got important data scattered everywhere  One app for Weather, others for Contacts, Schedule, Tasks and Reminders and still others for Notes, User Names & Passwords or Projects. It’s pretty much chaos.

We created A-List+ to seamlessly integrate ALL of your essential data in one easy-to-use app so you can Manage What Matters

Check out our short video to learn more.


Categorize your Contacts

What was the name of that plumber you used a few years ago – the nice guy who showed up at 9 pm on a Friday night after your son-in-law put 2 pounds of carrot peels down the disposal?  

With so many people in your Contacts database, it can be tough to find who you're looking for.  But with A-List+, you can assign Categories to every Contact and easily search or display your Contacts by Category.  You can also search or sort by Business Name, making it quick and easy to find whoever you’re looking for every time.  

Want more? You can assign Appointments, Tasks, Notes and Projects to any Contact, giving you a total picture and complete history of every important relationship you have.


It's YOUR Data and only YOU have access to it!

ALL of the data you enter into A-List+ is YOURS and NO ONE but YOU have access to it. Your data is stored on your iPhone or your iPad and in your private iCloud account, secured by your device, Apple ID and password.

Our iCloud integration keeps all of your devices in sync, however, so you always have up-to-the-minute information no matter where you are or what device you may be using.


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Is there a way I can send feedback or ask a question from within A-List+?

We have incorporated a Feedback feature in A-List+.  Tap the "+" at the top, swipe right-to-left and you will find the Feedback feature.  Tap it and it will create an email directly to us!  Here is a brief video demo:

I see Tasks on my Dashboard showing in Today and Tomorrow. Why are they repeating?

Maybe we over-engineered these based on our own ludicrous to-do-lists, but what you are seeing is what you should see. The underlying goal is to enable the user to get as much done as possible every day with the least administrative effort.

Here are the business rules:

Today’s Events:
1. If there are any overdue events, they will be presented to the user in a single cell with red font stating "You have "X" OVERDUE TASKS.”
2. Tasks with a due date of today.
3. Tasks due tomorrow
4. Tasks due at a date in the future.
5. Tasks with no due date.

Tomorrow’s Events:
1. Tasks due tomorrow
2. Tasks due at a date in the future.
3. Tasks with no due date.

My Contacts do not match between my iPhone and my iPad, and it looks like A-List+ is constantly trying to sync, what is happening?

This issue arises when the iPhone and iPad do not have the same email accounts set up on both devices.  Our iOS account gets "turned on" when we set up our new device and add our Apple ID and email.  Where we generally see issues is when we have additional email accounts like Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo on one device and not the other.  The iOS Address Book settings and contacts must match on each device to ensure proper functioning of A-List+ Contacts.

To verify this situation go to your iOS Address Book on both devices.  You can do a manual/visual check to see if your contacts match, and you can scroll all the way to the bottom of your lists to verify the numbers of contacts are the same on both devices.

Contacts Visual Check

Clearly these two Address Books do not match.  The iPhone has a total of 452 contacts and the iPad has one plus the user's info.

In the upper left hand corner of each screen should be a button labeled, "Groups."  If that button does not exist on one of the devices, this is a key indicator that the email accounts don't match!  But click the Groups button, and this will display a list of Contact Groups that are active on that device.

Groups Visual Check

In these screens it is apparent that the Groups do not match, "All iCloud" is not checked on the iPad.  If there were additional email accounts, e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, their contact groups would also appear here.  Checking "All iCloud" on the iPad will sync the contacts on the iOS Address Book between the devices, and therefore also in A-List+.

Groups Visual Check Match

When the Groups lists match, tap done and check the Contact count between the two devices.

Contacts Visual Check Match

Now that your iOS Address Books match, A-List+ can sync your contacts and their A-List+ specific data seamlessly device-to-device.

How can I earn a FREE A-List+ tee-shirt?

Simple!  Just tag me (Jeff Johnston / in a post on your Facebook page or other social media encouraging your friends and family to check out A-List+. Here is some sample text to get you started.  Thank you so much for helping us spread the word and don't forget to let me know your shirt size! 

Hello Facebook Friends,

I have been using a cool new iOS app that I think you'll LOVE.  It is called A-List+ and it helps me organize and simplify my crazy schedule and busy life.  It's got everything - Weather, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Username & Password management, Notes, Projects and more - all in one app!  It's easy to use and all of my iPhone data transferred in perfectly.      

Check it out at and sign up for the A-List Army.  Their first 1,000 downloads get a FREE lifetime subscription.  

Thanks Everyone – Hope to see you soon!



I get an error alert that says, "You have no internet connection. You will be working in offline mode," on my iPhone when I have a full signal. Why does this happen?

The alert is to notify you that A-List+ is offline and therefore may not have updated data, such as location or weather.  A-List+ will work, and will sync all of your data the next time it has an internet connection.

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad with cellular service, go to SETTINGS > CELLULAR, and ensure that Cellular data is turned on, and specifically turned on for A-List+.  

Where can I download the app?

A-List+ will soon be available on the iTunes App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  

During our pre-launch beta period, you can become a member of the fast growing A-List Army and get a FREE download by entering your email address in the box above.  After sign up, you'll get an email from TestFlight (Apple's distribution platform for apps in beta) with a link to download and install the A-List+. 

Which operating systems will it run on?

A-List+ is currently available for iOS 8 or higher.

Do A-List employees have access to my data?

All of YOUR data is stored on your device and in your secure iCloud account.  We have absolutely NO ACCESS to your data whatsoever.  A-List+ runs locally on your device(s) and it synchronizes your information through your personal, password-protected iCloud account.  This design architecture gives you the same high level of security that your iTunes account provides for your App, Music, and Movie purchases. 

What is the A-List Army?


The A-List Army is our dedicated platoon of beta testers, early users and partners who are helping us make A-List+ a great solution.  If you're ready to join, send us your email today!  

Will it work on my iPad?

Absolutely!  A-List+ takes advantage of the larger iPad screen to provide even more functionality, enabling you to see and do more with your data.  Future plans include A-List+ versions for your Macbook or PC, Apple Watch and Apple TV as well!

Can I change the tone for my calendar alerts?

You can set the audible alert for any tone you have on your iPhone.

A-List pushes the calendar alert through the iOS calendar API.

Therefore go to Settings.
Go to Notifications.
(Alphabetically A-List should be at or near the top of the list) Tap A-List+ and verify that the app’s notification settings are turned on.
Return to the primary Notifications menu.
Select Calendar.
Make sure ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS is turned on (green)
Select Upcoming Events.
Select Sounds.
Choose your preferred audible alert sound.
Exit Settings.
Also make sure your iPhone is not muted.

Sometimes I see duplicates in my A-List+ contacts.

This can occur when the user is using A-List+ on multiple devices, e.g., an iPhone and an iPad, that have different email accounts and therefore contacts in the devices' Address Books.  A-List+ is engineered to keep your A-List+ Contacts in full sync with your device contacts, and having different Address Book listings on multiple devices creates a conflict that A-List+ then tries to resolve.  Ensuring that email accounts and Address books match on your different devices will prevent this duplication problem.

I tried to create an event with a date in the past, but it wouldn't work. How can I do this?

There is a default setting on your iPhone and iPad in Calendar that only syncs "Events 1 Month Back."  Go to Settings > Calendar.  About the middle of that screen you should see, "Sync  Events 1 Month Back"  you can select and change this setting by 1, 3, or 6 Months Back, or "All Events."  this will enable you to create and access past calendar events in A-List+.

About Us

Jeff Johnston
Founder / CEO

Jeff received his BSN from OSU and spent 6 years working as an ICU and home infusion nurse. In 1991, he met his backyard neighbor, software developer Stuart Crane. Together they created CPR+, a business management application designed for Home Infusion Therapy companies. Launched in 1993, CPR+ became the industry’s #1 software solution, amassing over 2500 customers and twenty consecutive years of growth. Jeff and Stuart sold the business in 2013.

In early 2014, frustrated by the need to use 5-6 separate apps to manage Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, User Names & Passwords, etc., Jeff began to conceptualize an “all-in-one” life management app. A-List+ seeks to help you organize your one busy life with one awesome app.  Thanks for your interest!


Matt Dailey
Product Manager

Matt has helped to envision, develop, and bring to market more than 100 iOS applications since the initial release of the iOS SDK.  Matt has also been a member or co-founder of five product, software, and professional services start-up companies in the past 10 years. 

Jeff and Matt met through a mutual friend and began working on A-List+ in late 2014.  As Product Manager, Matt is involved in every aspect of A-List+, from writing design specs to QA.  His skill and experience in mobile app development has been invaluable and A-List+ would not exist without his hard work and dedication.  Thanks Matt!

Matt Jennell
Lead Developer

Matt graduated from Capital University with a double major, earning degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. After graduation, he worked for Battelle Memorial Institute as a Research Associate on a classified program funded by the Department of Defense. The Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE) Defense project developed software algorithms that sought to predict the timing and location of terrorist attacks . . . crazy, huh? Now he is helping you manage your To Do List so you don’t forget to pick up a gallon of milk!

Matt has hit the ground running and we are thrilled to have him on board! You can give say hello to Matt at

Tom Allenbaugh
Lead iPad Developer

Tom has been involved in a wide variety of software projects since graduating from OSU with a Computer Science and Engineering degree. An enthusiast of games and puzzles, he is currently the Lead Programmer at Multivarious Games, a game development and software company in Columbus, Ohio.  
Jeff hired Multivarious Games to develop the iPad version of A-List+. Tom's hard work and talent led to a successful roll-out of the iPad version in early 2016.  Tom is wicked smart, has a great attitude and continues to provide outstanding development services to A-List+.  Thanks so much Tom!  
You can learn more about Multivarious Games at

Anton, Nikita, Ben and Dmitry
iPhone Development Team

Softeq is Houston based software development company with a large team of iOS developers in Belarus.  Yep, Belarus - as in the former Soviet Union!  In early 2015, after 3-4 months writing a detailed design document and working with an awesome graphic designer, we pitched the project to several local and international development companies.  Softeq was the hands-down winner.  They started on the first phase of A-List+ (iPhone version) development in early May 2015.  

We had daily calls and Skype sessions with Anton, Dmitri and Nikita for almost a year. They were great to work with and brought a ton of commitment, effort and skill to the project.  Thanks guys!  If you’re ever in Columbus . . .

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