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Delaware, Ohio – November 9, 2016 - A-List Enterprises, LLC is pleased to announce the official launch of A-List+, the first iOS app that seamlessly integrates all mission-critical, life management data in one easy-to-use tool.  A-List+ helps users get more done in less time and Manage What Matters.

Today, most people use at least 5 or 6 separate apps to manage different areas of their lives. One app for weather, another for their calendar, something else for contacts, tasks, passwords, notes, journals, projects and more. Since none of them work together, share data or have a consistent look and feel, it’s inefficient, time consuming and unproductive.

A-List+ eliminates the need to use separate life-management apps and adds valuable functionality that the stand-alone apps can’t match. For example, with A-List+, users can view their Contacts by Name, Business Name, Category or Contact Group. They can create single or repeating Events, simple, complex or repeating Tasks, Notes and Journal entries, securely manage User Names and Passwords and create complex Projects with an unlimited number of assigned contacts, tasks, events, notes, images and more.

Says long time beta user Carla Barkey, “I love the ability to assign different pieces of data together and view it as a whole. It ties everything together.”  For example, a user can attach a contact and a task to an event, see a history of events and review previous notes assigned to a business contact or contact group. This capability is extremely powerful and unlike anything on the market.  For an overview demo of A-List+, click here.

A-List+ Overview Video

Currently available for iPhone and iPad, A-List+ synchronizes all user data seamlessly via iCloud and ALL user data is stored entirely on their personal device(s) and/or in their secure iCloud account.

For a limited time, users may download A-List+ for FREE from the App Store.