Tutorial #6: NEVER Forget Another Password with A-List+

Thanks for your continued support of A-List+. This is the sixth in a series of tutorials designed to help you get the most out of A-List+. This tutorial explores the User Name and Password features in A-List+. Take a look at the screen shots below. I will explain each of the areas numbered in red.

To access Passwords, tap the More icon (“…”) from any screen in the app and then tap in the Passwords cell.

 password touch id and pin screens

To make this extra-sensitive area of A-List+ even more secure, we have enabled Apple’s Touch ID feature. If your device supports Touch ID and you have enabled it, you will be prompted to touch the home button to access your Passwords. If not, you’ll be prompted to create and then enter a 4 digit PIN. 

 Password Tut List View 

1.  Passwords List – When you access Passwords, you’ll see an alphabetical list of all of the Password accounts you have created. Notice the four buttons along the top of the list – Personal, Work, Family and All. During the Password creation process, you can assign each account to one of these categories. To access a Password account, simply tap in that cell.

Password New Edit

2.  Add a Password – To add a new Password, tap the (+) sign in the upper right hand corner and select ‘Add Password’.

          a.  Give the Password Account a title – anything descriptive – e.g., Amazon, Delta Airlines, United Health Care, etc.

          b.  If this is an on-line account, you can enter the URL of the website you’ll be accessing (www.huntington.com) in the next cell.

          c.  Next, assign the ‘Type’ of account (Personal, Work, Family). 

          d.  Under the Security section, tap the (+) Add Security button and enter the Username and Password for this account.

          e.  You can also enter any other useful information in the ‘Memo’ area. This is handy for things like Account #’s, Group #’s, Frequent Flyer #’s, SSN’s, etc. Finally, you can assign this Password account to a Project, attach a Contact or a Note.

          f.  When you’re finished creating the Password account, hit the “Done” button in the upper right hand corner.

Password Detail Edit Slide

3.  View a Password Account – Sometimes you just want to look up a Username / Password. Tapping a Password from the list will display the ‘Edit Password’ screen, revealing the Username and Password, along with the Memo and other info.

Password Tut Web Slide

4.  Log into a Password Account – To log into an account you’ve created, tap the desired account and then tap in the URL cell (notice the > symbol, indicating that you can go that URL). A-List+ will open your device’s browser and navigate to that website.

          a.  To return to the Password list, hit the Back button in the upper left.

          b.  At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the Username and Password you’ve entered, with all but the first four characters masked with *****'s. You can tap the “Copy” button to copy and paste the Username and then the Password into the appropriate website fields, enabling you to easily and quickly log in.

Creating each Password account takes under a minute and once done, are safely stored on your device and in your secure iCloud account, accessible from your iPhone or iPad and out of the prying eyes of those evil Russian hackers. I access mine all the time and it has enabled me to use a wide variety of different passwords rather than the same one over and over.  So what are you waiting on? Get started today – you’ll be glad you did.

As always, Thanks! for your support and for ALL the feedback! We love hearing from you. If there is ANYTHING you want or need, just let us know.  

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