Tutorial #5: Organize, Preserve and Share Your Important Information with Notes and Notebooks

Thanks for your continued support of A-List+. This is the fifth in a series of tutorials designed to help you get the most out of A-List+. This tutorial explores the Notes and Notebook features in A-List+.

A quick definition – A Note is an individual repository of information or data. Notebooks are a collection of separate Notes about a common topic. To access Notes and Notebooks, tap the More icon (“…”) from any screen in the app and then tap in the Notes cell.

Take a look at the screen shots below. I will explain each of the areas numbered in red.

Notes List

1. Notes List - Notice the three buttons along the top of the list – Notes, Notebooks and All. Under the Notes lists, you will see the first sentence of each Note, displayed in chronological order, most recent to oldest from top to bottom.  Edit a Note - Tapping a Note will open the Note Detail screen, allowing you to edit the Note, Share it, or add a sub-note. 

Add Note Notebook

2. Add a Note – To add a new Note, tap the (+) sign in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Add Note.

     a.  You can enter as much or as little information to the Note as you like, including hitting “return” for new paragraphs, etc.  You may also use the microphone next to the space bar and dictate a Note.

     b.  Under the “Additional Information” area, you may assign an unlimited number of Contacts, Events, Tasks, Projects, A-Lists, Passwords or Images to your Note.

     c.  Adding a sub-Note to a Note effectively turns it into a Notebook. The first “note” in the Notebook becomes the title of the Note and it will be displayed in the list of Notebooks. Again, from the Note Detail screen you can view or edit the existing data, enter as much or as little information as you like and assign any other pieces of data in the “Additional Information” area.

     d.  When you’re finished with the Note, hit the “Done” button in the upper right hand corner.


Notes 3

3. Notebooks – Tapping the Notebooks button displays your list of Notebooks, in chronological order, most recent at the top.

     a.  The small grey circle indicates the number of Sub-Notes contained in the Notebook. Tapping a Notebook will display the Notebook Detail screen. Again, the first cell (area) is the title of the Notebook.

Edit Notebook

     b.  Each Sub-Note is displayed in its own cell and can be individually editing by swiping left on the cell to edit or delete. To add a new sub-Note, tap the (+) Add Note button.

Note Facebook Leah

     c.  Tapping the Share Notebook button will reveal email, Text message and Facebook icons, allowing you to share your Notebook with friends, family or on Facebook.

4. ALL – Tapping the All button will display all of the Notes and Notebooks in one list, Notes followed by Notebooks, in chronological order.

Note Preview


5. More… - Notice the “More…” button on the right side of each Note or Sub-Note. Tapping the More button will bring up the Note in a non-editable screen for easy reading without having to open the Note or Notebook.

   As we’ve discussed, the real power of A-List+ is its ability to organize and store all of the primary data in your Notes or Notebooks, as well as all of the additional information you’ve associated with them - Contacts, Events, Tasks, Passwords, Images, etc. Your important data is completely interconnected and easily accessible anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or iPad.

Next time, we’ll review another one of my other favorite areas in A-List+ - PASSWORDS! How many User Names, Passwords, Account Numbers, PIN codes, Student ID numbers, Group Numbers, locker combinations . . . it’s endless right? How do you keep remember them all??? Check out our next blog and we’ll show you how.

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